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History section


Since 2006, we have built trust with a large number of loyal customers, both- individuals and companies. We are happy to be at the service of many small and big companies in Belgrade. SPA and fitness centers, catering firms, restaurants, hotels, apartments, retail facilities are some of our corporate clients. With our many years of experience, we are the perfect choice for taking care of your delicate fabrics and textile.

peglanje kosulja slozene ciste plave bele


Do not waste your precious time on the laundry, we have to agree that life is to short for it! The average person in Serbia spends 9 hours a week dedicated to the laundry. Here's a better idea: Kiss your washing machine goodbye! We have a solution for your laundry and for your busy life. For 13 years we are here for you to take care of your wardrobe. From dry cleaning, washing, drying, ironing, folding, sewing buttons and other modifications. We also try to create a true 5 star hotel atmosphere in your home - after washing the quilts, blankets, pillows, linens, curtains will be like new.

muska siva odela hemijsko ciscenje ofingeri


We offer you and your colleague a real timesaver! Preparing a wardrobe for the next workweek, washing and ironing or going to a dry cleaning can be turn into the past. We deliver right into your office every Monday (or another day that fits better for you) shirts and suits that are treated ecologically and with full care. For further information and prices of other items, please contact us by e-mail office@spin-perionica.rs or by phone 060 72 61 756.

The price of washing, ironing and packaging shirt- 230, oo RS
Dry cleaning suit- 750, oo RSD
* For a larger quantity of laundry, or a higher number of employees, prices can be adjusted

cista bela hotelska posteljina jorgani jastuci


Although seldom thought of as a critical element, hotel linen laundry service is a key ingredient to a great guest experience. The presentation of fresh, comfortable bed linens and plush towels are often the first linen items guests encounter upon arrival. The first impression of entering the hotel room until checkout should be the best. We take this task very seriously. We KNOW and WE UNDERSTAND the hotel business, the challenges you face and the standards you need to fulfill.

postavljen sto restoran salveta, case za vino, escajg , stolnjak


In SPIN we know that restaurant is not just about food, but that many factors which create the experience of a guest who enjoys, appreciates and recommends a place to others. Excellent food, excellent guest service, well-polished glasses and cutlery are part of the unforgettable experience. However, greasy stains, wrinkly napkins and tablecloth with roller tracks, you will agree- is something that can ruin your effort to create a flawless impression. In SPIN, we know there is no shortcuts. For clean, fresh, sharp napkins and tablecloths, all you need is knowledge, patience and skilled workers.

Spin Laundry offer

Benefits for legal persons

Contact us today for FREE trial washing to ensure the quality of our work. .

Spin Laundry


Monday-Friday 11:00-19:00h

Saturday 11:00-16:00h

bela pamucna salveta na stolu resotrana

Proud on our business

Fresh spring fragrance and impeccable cleaning is our passion and pride in our work. We use the finest cleaning agents, we have ECO friendly, modern machines and best-trained workers

hotelska bela posteljina pamuk

Obligation to customers

Small things makes a difference. You will see this in the small clothing repairs we do without a fee. You will feel when you find refreshments in your blankets for your wardrobe and similar small actions.

pranje hemijsko ciscenje vencanica i svecanih haljina


Every customer is treated the same, we keep promises and do the right things. Our approach ensures that our customers, not only love our service, but also trust our team.

Portfolio section

ispeglane kosulje hemijsko ciscenje rucno pranje
posteljina bela bez ukrasni jastuci
masine za ves
slozeni stolnjaci perionica vesa spin
bela ispeglana pamucna salveta restoran stolnjak
sivi i beli peskiri urolani u kupatilu na polici
cista oprana posteljina bela saten pamuk na bracnom krevetu
ispeglane kosulje na ofingeru perionica vesa cena spin
bela haljina kratka hemijsko ciscenje
Bracni krevet spavaca soba bela beaon posteljina raner prekrivac ukrasni jastuci


Cleaning and protecting UGG boots

Cleaning and protecting UGG boots with their original tools. UGG boots can be worn in the winter and also when the weather is warmer. With the proper care of your UGGs, it will not only shine as new, but will extend their lifetime

Work with us

If you want to join our team, full-time or part-time, for work in the laundry or driver's work, contact us at office@spin-perionica.rs

kontakt section


Find out why we are the first choice for dry cleaning and laundry in Belgrade. Quality, customer service and low prices are main characteristics by both quality and competitive prices. We are proud that we can extend the life of your clothes.

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